Corporate social responsibility is a concept where companies voluntarily integrate social aspects, environmental aspects and broader economic issues in their business operations and in their interaction with stakeholders.


The impact a company has on the environment is what makes it socially responsible or irresponsible. The basis of the whole concept is not new and is relatively simple. In the most general case, enterprises or businesses are part of society and the  activities that we undertake as individuals in a company have  an effect on that business and ultimately on society and the environment.


Companies and individuals alike through decision have the power to build a positive or negative attitude towards the environment. All of us regardless of our influential power have to take into account the consequences of our actions and should strive to avoid those which could lead to negative impacts.

As a recognized company in the field of socially responsible practices , In the last 5 years Donia constantly receives national awards for the following areas of ​​CSR :

  Relationship with the community

  Employee Relations

  Relationships with market

  Ethical business


In 2012 Donia was also the winner of the Jubilee award for continuously promoting social responsibility in the community where it operates.

As a socially responsible company, the last two years Donia has been a part of the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations.

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