About Donia

About Donia

Donia is a dynamic and fast-growing Macedonian company that produces traditional delicacies such as Turkish Delight, Halva and a large assortment of bonbons, biscuits, wafers and pastries. The company was established in 2001 and its headquarters are in Prilep.


We distribute our products nationally to small and medium-sized firms including large supermarket retail chains. Majority of our distribution is for markets abroad such as Kosovo, Serbia, Canada and Australia.

Donia has become a trusted national brand and is reputable for producing excellent quality products.

Our vision is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing products that offer pleasure and quality through safe practices.


In 2001 at almost fifty years of age Neska Pop-Dimitrijoska foresaw the opportunity to begin creating traditional delicacies in her home town of Prilep in Macedonia. This was not only going to be a new experience but one which would provide a means of living for herself and the modest team of people that chose to support her.


Neska had never before worked in the food industry and her background was strictly in economics.

As work began challenges arose but her ambition and strong intuitive skills surpassed many obstacles and this lead her to create her first ever product, the Turkish Delight.


In a short amount of time, the product was successfully launched with local retailers with sales greater than anticipated. This was the catalyst that would drive Donia to create further products such as Dark and Taan Halva, Jelly Bonbons, Wafers and pastries.


At present Donia produces over 150 products.




HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), is a system with which to perform the identify, assess and control hazards which are significant to food safety.

Our vision is directly related to good manufacturing practices and hazard analysis, because our highest priority is the health and welfare of the consumer.


All our manufacturing processes are carefully monitored from the arrival of the very raw materials, production, packaging and transportation of the products.


We care about our customers because we believe in long cooperation, partnership and mutual satisfaction.





The GLK certificate is granted by the German Agency Michel Institut for good manufacturing and hygiene practices. This certifies Donia into a select group of Macedonian companies that have earned this

prestigious award.



Excellent SME (Small & Medium Enterprises)


The Economic Chamber of Macedonia confirmed that Donia meets the criteria for certification and is awarded an Excellent SME Macedonia digital website certificate. The basis for the certification is a credit report and regular monitoring by COFACE - a credit reporting house.

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